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Plastic Injection Moulding

  • High Volume Injection Moulding

  • Low Volume Injection Moulding

  • Sampling, Tool Trials & Prototype Moulding

  • Insert moulding

  • Exceptional On Time & In Full Delivery Performance

  • Capacity From 5 ton to 260 ton

  • Production Capacity Available

  • Energy Efficient Machines

  • All Types of Polymers Including Complex Engineering Polymers

  • Specialists in High Grade Engineering Nylons

  • Process Experts

  • Metal to Plastic Conversion

We manufacture high quality plastic injection moulded components, parts & assemblies, utilising modern injection moulding machinery and technology. We have the skill to help customers throughout a wide and varied range of industries reduce lead-times, maintain and build quality, functionality and performance with injection moulded components, parts and products.

We offer a full injection moulding service, all under one roof including mould tool making, bespoke component assembly and secondary finishing operations.

Injection Mould tool Making

  • High Accuracy Precision Tooling

  • P20 Tool Steel Moulds

  • Fully Hardened Long Life Production Moulds

  • Modern High Accuracy Machine Tools
  • Hot Runner Systems

  • Cold Sprue Feed Tools

  • Maintenance & Service

  • Repairs & Modifications

  • High Quality Austrian Standard Part Use

  • 3D Modelling & CAD CAM

  • First Shot Right Approach (T0 Aim)

  • Multi Cavity Tools

  • Single Impression Tools

  • Well Equipped Tool Room, VMC’s, Lathes, Spark Eroder, Grinding Etc

With years of experience in injection mould tool design and manufacture we are able to deliver high quality tooling to produce customer components. From single impression simple tools to multi-impression technical tooling across a wide range of industries including medical, automotive, military and security industries and everything in between.

Our mould tools are produced in house, made in Britain, made in Cornwall.

Moulding Second Operations

  • Trimming & Finishing

  • Packing & Dispatch

  • Sub and Final Assembly

  • Insert Application

  • Machining, Drilling & Tapping

  • Labelling & Sticker Application

  • And More!

Our skilled team in packing & assembly can finish and assemble moulded components & parts using various fixing methods or techniques.

Providing raw components ready for your assembly process, sub-assemblies, or complete packaged and finished goods ready for dispatch. Personalised options to suit all customer requirements.

Sustainability & Recycling

  • In House Recycling

  • Wide Range of Recycled Material Options

  • Bio Plastic Options

  • Sustainably Sourced Options

  • Minimal Waste Production

A circular economy approach, of which the benefits include; waste reduction, reducing the requirement for virgin feedstock, carbon footprint and thus reducing the environmental impact of our material consumption.

In house recycling, using our own recycling equipment to produce high quality recyclate for use in a wide range of industries.

Design for Manufacture

  • Advice on Component Design for Quality

  • Design for Performance & Suitability

  • Cost Saving Design Practices

  • Design for Recycling

  • CAD CAM Design

  • Design for Mass Production

  • Initial Design Consultation

Why not leverage our year of experience and find out how we can help take your concept, idea or prototype to mass production or realisation. We take great pride in advising customers on the best methods to produce their components with manufacture in mind.


  • In House 3D Printing

  • Quick Visual Prototypes

  • Check Design Function Prior to Production

  • Rapid Prototype Machining & Testing

  • Prototype Generation

  • Insert moulding

Utilising state of the art equipment we can quickly produce 3D physical models to demonstrate function, form and fit for components in a range of materials and sizes.

Or if required we can produce fully machined prototypes from a range of materials.

Reshoring & Mould Transfers

  • Reshore Far East Tools

  • Transfer Mould Tools from Existing Moulders

  • Sampling, Trialling and Qualifying Tools

  • Reduce Turnaround Times

  • Problematic Tool Adoption

  • Increase Quality, Flexibility & Lead Times

  • Reduce Risk, Cost & Dependency

We are happy to discuss reshoring or moving tools to Bibby Engineers LTD, be that due to closure of previous suppliers, or requirements to meet performance targets. Bringing a wide range of benefits you.

Quality & Inspection

  • Quality First Approach

  • Working to Industry Standards

  • SPC Control on Machinery

  • High Quality Measuring Equipment

  • Material Sourcing from Reputable Defined Sources

  • Tailored Standards

Our focus has always been on supplying high quality injection moulded products. We working to individually agreed standards with customers on a product by product basis to ensure the highest standards.

And So Much More…

EDM Machining

In House Spark Erosion and EDM Machining Services

CNC Machining

Multiple Machining Centres for Precision Components

Precision Engineering

Precision Machining, Grinding and Finishing

CNC Turning

Round Machining for Precision Turned Components

Laser Marking & Engraving

Coming Soon

Packaging Services

Finished Products Ready for Your Customer.

Stock Holding

In House Warehousing, Call Off & Delivery.

Moulding Consultancy

Leverage Our Experience in Injection Moulding

Design Services

Design Advice to bring your product to the next level

3D Printing

In House 3D Printing services with FDM or outsource SLS

Can’t Find what you’re looking for?

These lists are not exhaustive of our services, skills or abilities. We often help customers take products, designs and ideas from an idea or sketch to realised functional products in a range of materials or forms. Please just ask if you want to discuss your project in more depth!

Industries & Work completed

Security, Automotive, Industrial, Oil, Gas, Commodity, Floristry, Military, Service, Technical Moulding, Leisure Goods, Furniture, Sailing & More

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