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Injection Moulding

We specialise in Injection Moulding across a broad range of industries and sectors. With a quality focussed attitude we aim to produce high quality components at a competitive price point. With a varied plant that has the capability to handle large and small volumes of production we are flexible and fast. Please contact us to find out more about our injection moulding services.

Tool Making & Precision Engineering

With over 60 years of tool making experience our tool making is second to none, having produced hundreds upon hundreds of mould tools our team have the knowledge to bring your product and project to reality. With experience comes the ability to bring tooling costs down while maintaining the highest quality possible. Proudly Made in Britain.

Product Design

We are very fortunate to be able to offer professional product design. This, together with many years experience in engineering design, means we can offer clients a full design service to produce the products and components they need. We can offer a range of design services here at Bibby Engineers, ranging from CAD generation, tool design, component design, jigs and fixtures, to full product design services. Please contact us for more information.

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About us

Bibby Engineers LTD, Plastic Injection Moulders and Precision Engineers. Focussing on delivering high quality plastic mouldings and products for our customers. Injection Moulding here in the UK with Precision Engineering and Tool Making alongside to support and deliver your project or product on time, to a high standard with care and passion. We are not only experienced across a huge range of industries but have a long history of tool making and injection moulding in the UK that continues to grow. Where can we take your project, product or capabilities...
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